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Computer based management tool which covers the comprehensive support of the Operational Experience Management within the nuclear technology.

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SOL-VE OEM Arbeitssicherheit

Increased safety through the evaluation of operational experience.

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Support of emergency management in your company

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Document management and document tracking

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FORDEC is a method to support the decision-making process. Mainly it is applied to complex processes, for which the action plan is not obvious.

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Here you will find a short description of our topical software products.

We would be pleased to assist you with the enlargement or customization of the existing SOL-VE GmbH software products to your specific business requirements. Furthermore it would be a great pleasure for us to develop your new software products always considering the actual state of work and organisational psychology (e.g. system safety, meaning of work, social values) as well as our past experiences in the safety and quality management of different industries.

During the whole process of development and implementation as well as beyond this time (e.g. for maintenance, training) we provide an immediate access to technical and organisational consulting and attendance service for our customers.

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