Evaluation & Classification

Evaluation of the event (risk/potential)

The first evaluation of an incident takes place promptly after occurrence or registration of the event.
In this process step, it will be deciced wether and to what extent an incident (event, accident, near miss) or an experience is further processed. The examination area may include findings or deviations derived from all areas of the organization.

In many sectors it has become established to use schemes, inter alia, to assess the risk, the relevance, the amount of damage and the probablility of occurrence of an event. The aim is to create a standardized basis for decision-making for further processing of the event.

The second common way to assess the risk or the risk potential of an event or near miss is the use of criteria lists.

In our software products, we have already installed a number of common and scientifically recognized versions of the risk matrix and the criteria lists. Of course, these can be adapted to concrete needs of companies.

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