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Computer-assisted knowledge management
For more safety in your company

What we do

We consult you on

the development of computer-assisted information systems

questions regarding safety and quality management in socio-technical systems

the conception, the development and implementation of knowledge data bases within your organisation

We develop for you

computer-assisted knowledge management tools on the basis of scientific and ergonomic

We attend

the development of customized information systems

the implementation of the software tools within existing data processing fields

the application of the various methods and tools

the evaluation and utilization of the different tools, methods and project aspects

the qualification and the training of employees on the application of the different methods and tools

Our Software


Computer based management tool which covers the comprehensive support of the Operational Experience Management within the nuclear technology.

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SOL-VE OEM Arbeitssicherheit

Increased safety through the evaluation of operational experience.

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Support of emergency management in your company

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Document management and document tracking

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FORDEC is a method to support the decision-making process. Mainly it is applied to complex processes, for which the action plan is not obvious.

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SOL-VE GmbH promotes and supports the organisational learning by computer-assisted knowledge management. Our overall philosophy and work approach is to contribute to the increase of safety within complex organisations by consulting, development and attendance.

Therefore a main field of our activities is the design, development, implementation and evaluation of computer-assisted analysis and information related management tools. Basis of our activities is the actual and future state of the work and organisational psychology (e.g. system safety, meaning of work, social values) as well as our past experiences in the safety and quality management of various industries.

Furthermore we set a great emphasis on the close cooperation with our customers and the cooperation and establishment of synergies between science and economy.

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